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The University of Westminster
Guedes Apartment, São Paulo [photo by Michael Frantzis]
Research Committee 2015 - 2017
King's College London
Praça do Tres Poderes, Brasília
Visiting Researcher 2014 -
The University of Dundee
Dundee Waterfront 2012
Fellow, Geddes Institute of Urban Research 2013 -
The University of Dundee
Tay Bridge, Dundee from the 'Red' Series
Visiting Fellow 2007 - 2013
➲ MSc Sustainable Urban Design
➲ MArch: Rationalist Traces
➲ DRU: Landscape:Architecture
2007/08: projects
2010/11: printed landscapes
2010/11: projects
Universität Liechtenstein
Workshop: 1999/2000
Workshops 1996-2004
Sarajevo Workshop: 1997
Workshop in Sarajevo 1997
The University of East London
Atelier Project in
The Atelier Project in Teaching
The University of East London
Degree Unit G 1998/99
Degree Unit G 1991-1999
The University of East London
Visual Studies, First Year 1991-1994
Visual Studies, First Year 1991-1994
Architectural Association
AA Diploma 11 1988-89: End of Year Exhibition
Tutor, Diploma School 1988-1989
Landscape Research Unit: 2007/2008
Kim-Marie Logan
Landscape:Architecture Project 2007/2008
Year 4 Design Research Unit: Landscape:Architecture
This research unit had a serious purpose: to identify what was the difference between architecture - which was defined by rational processes - and landscape - which was observed to be the result of stochastic processes.

Our challenge was to make a landscape through making stochastic processes.

Studies of stochastic processes were made on paper as printed landscapes before making three dimensional objects. The printed landscapes are the equivalent of making maps.

2010/11: printed landscapes

The three dimensional objects were made by stochastic processes.

2007/08: projects
2010/11: projects

For some ideas by Thomas Deckker that arose from this project see Thomas Deckker Architect: Stochastic Garden.