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Thomas Deckker: Moore House
Moore House
Gerrards Cross, England
Thomas Deckker: Moore House Renovation, London
Thomas Deckker Architect: Moore House Renovation, London
photograph © Thomas Deckker 1987
Moore House, London
Thomas Deckker undertook the renovation and extension of 'Timbercombe', a Modern Movement house in Gerrards Cross, between 1984-87 while a student at the AA.

The work was noted in Buckinghamshire from the Pevsner Architectural Guides: Buildings of England series. The 'wrap-round staircase window in one wing, ship's rail balconies and horizontal bands of windows and portholes' were designed or enhanced by Thomas Deckker.

"Back again to the start of WINDSOR ROAD where some of the houses vie in style and size with those in Camp Road, e.g. Claxton House, St Michael's Court, Winnards Perch, on the E side of the road. Further S at the junction with Hedgerley Lane, a large Victorian LODGE to Bulstrode Park, with fancy bargeboards. Beyond this point half-a-dozen Modern Movement houses that must have surprised Gerrards Cross residents when they were built and which still are the odd ones out in this setting. They hide their best sides from the road, and several have been altered out of immediate recognition by the addition of pitched roofs etc. The first one, TIMBERCOMBE, opposite Hedgerley Lane, by C. Mervyn White, Prentice & Partners, 1936, is the most faithful to Modem Movement principles, with a Y-plan hinged on a circular tower, a wrap-round staircase window in one wing, ship's rail balconies and horizontal bands of windows and portholes."

This commission led to the Moore House Project in the Algarve, Portugal for the same client.
from Buckinghamshire by Nikolaus Pevsner, Elizabeth Williamson

The outside of the house featured in an advertisement for Fiat.
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