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Tentsmuir Forest, Dundee photo © Thomas Deckker 2007
2 Beach House Projects

Thomas Deckker Architect: Standard House Types, Brasília
Standard House Types, Brasília

Thomas Deckker Architect: 3 Tower House Projects
3 Tower House Projects

Thomas Deckker Architect: Project for a Penthouse, London
Some Nice Ideas for a Penthouse

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Some Nice Ideas for Dundee

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Thomas Deckker Architect: 2 Development Studies, London
2 Development Studies

Thomas Deckker: Magalhães House
Magalhães House
QL18, Brasília, Brazil
1997 - 2001

Thomas Deckker: Moore House Project
Moore House Project
Algarve, Portugal

superquadra model
Superquadra Penthouse Project
Brasília, Brazil
1993 - 2001

Thomas Deckker: Clínica de Câncer, Brasília
Clínica de Câncer, Brasília
SHLS, Brasília, Brazil

Thomas Deckker: Magalhães Project
Magalhães Project
QI26, Brasília, Brazil

Thomas Deckker: Thompson House
Thompson House Project
Cambridge, England

Thomas Deckker: Camara Municipal Competition Entry 1989
3 Competition Entries for Brazil

Thomas Deckker Architect: 'Brasília' Table
'Brasília' Table

Thomas Deckker: Soares Apartment Renovation
Soares Apartment Renovation
Brasília, Brazil

Thomas Deckker: Moore House
Moore House
Gerrards Cross, England

Thomas Deckker: penthouse sketch
Thomas Deckker Architect: Penthouse Project
sketch plan

Some Nice Ideas for a Penthouse

This study arose in unusual circumstances. This penthouse apartment was originally designed for the top 2 floors of Apex Gardens which I designed as Project Architect at John McAslan + Partners. The client decided, however, that these luxurious apartment did not fit with the projected marketing profile of the building so we designed 2 smaller apartment for each of the top 2 floors instead.

As a result I thought I should show some of the design ideas which could have been used to improve the apartment and turn it into a special work of architecture.

The principal ideas were:
  • cross axes to allow the windows on the 4 sides of the building to be linked internally, thus giving unexpected long-range vistas along the cardinal axes
  • the use of cupboards as solid objects to define and delineate the routes through the apartment, and to separate the 3 functional areas"
John McAslan + Partners: Apex Gardens, London N15
John McAslan + Partners: Apex Gardens, London N15 (2016)
Thomas Deckker, Project Architect
The penthouse as originally proposed, but not completed.

Note the living room has an exposed concrete column against the glazing like the Magalhães House, a bold move for the developer. There were substantial balconies to the north and south elevations.
Thomas Deckker: penthouse sketch
Thomas Deckker: penthouse sketch
Thomas Deckker Architect: Penthouse Project
design sketches