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Thomas Deckker Architect: Standard House Types, Brasília
Standard House Types, Brasília
Thomas Deckker Architect: 3 Tower House Projects
3 Tower House Projects
Thomas Deckker Architect: Project for a Penthouse, London
Some Nice Ideas for a Penthouse
Thomas Deckker Architect: Project for Private Houses and a Tenement, Dundee
Some Nice Ideas for Dundee
Thomas Deckker Architect: Offices for a Brazilian Company, London
Offices for a Brazilian Company
Thomas Deckker Architect: Duval Renovation, Brasília
Duval Apartment Renovation
Brasília, Brazil
Thomas Deckker Architect: landscape urbanism, Abu Dhabi
Some Nice Ideas for Abu Dhabi
Thomas Deckker Architect: 2 Development Studies, London
2 Development Studies
Thomas Deckker: Magalhães House
Magalhães House
QL18, Brasília, Brazil
1997 - 2001
Thomas Deckker: Moore House Project
Moore House Project
Algarve, Portugal
superquadra model
Superquadra Penthouse Project
Brasília, Brazil
1993 - 2001
Thomas Deckker: Clínica de Câncer, Brasília
Clínica de Câncer, Brasília
SHLS, Brasília, Brazil
Thomas Deckker: Magalhães Project
Magalhães Project
QI26, Brasília, Brazil
Thomas Deckker: Thompson House
Thompson House Project
Cambridge, England
Thomas Deckker: Camara Municipal Competition Entry 1989
3 Competition Entries for Brazil
Thomas Deckker Architect: 'Brasília' Table
'Brasília' Table
Thomas Deckker: Soares Apartment Renovation
Soares Apartment Renovation
Brasília, Brazil
Thomas Deckker: Moore House
Moore House
Gerrards Cross, England
Thomas Deckker: Tay Valley, Dundee
Tay Valley, Dundee (Midnight Sun)
photograph © Thomas Deckker 2012
Some Nice Ideas for Dundee
I visited Dundee regularly as a Visiting Fellow in the School of Architecture at the The University of Dundee. I thought the setting beautiful and the city resilient, although both had been badly scarred by atrocious planning after WWII. I started to sketch out some ideas for improving the parts of the city I knew, simply to try to banish the dreadful realities from my mind.

These parts include Magdalen Green, an area of tenements, houses and mills on a medieval street pattern of wynds, where I proposed a tenement and houses, Blackness, the industrial area of mills to the north of Magdalen Green, which I thought would be suitable for a studio, and sites in the beautiful Angus countryside: a rural studio and a Tower House Inhabitations with a garden.

All of these are ongoing personal, sadly unrealised, projects.
Thomas Deckker Architect: Project for Private Houses and a Tenement

Houses and a Tenement

Thomas Deckker Architect: Project for a Studio in Blackness, Dundee

Studio in Blackness

Thomas Deckker Architect: Project for a Rural Studio

Rural Workshop

Thomas Deckker Architect: Tower House Inhabitations

Tower House Inhabitations

Thomas Deckker Architect: Stochastic Garden

Stochastic Garden