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Thomas Deckker Architect: Standard House Types, Brasília
Standard House Types, Brasília
Thomas Deckker Architect: 3 Tower House Projects
3 Tower House Projects
Thomas Deckker Architect: Project for a Penthouse, London
Some Nice Ideas for a Penthouse
Thomas Deckker Architect: Project for Private Houses and a Tenement, Dundee
Some Nice Ideas for Dundee
Thomas Deckker Architect: Offices for a Brazilian Company, London
Offices for a Brazilian Company
Thomas Deckker Architect: Duval Renovation, Brasília
Duval Apartment Renovation
Brasília, Brazil
Thomas Deckker Architect: landscape urbanism, Abu Dhabi
Some Nice Ideas for Abu Dhabi
Thomas Deckker Architect: 2 Development Studies, London
2 Development Studies
Thomas Deckker: Magalhães House
Magalhães House
QL18, Brasília, Brazil
1997 - 2001
Thomas Deckker: Moore House Project
Moore House Project
Algarve, Portugal
superquadra model
Superquadra Penthouse Project
Brasília, Brazil
1993 - 2001
Thomas Deckker: Clínica de Câncer, Brasília
Clínica de Câncer, Brasília
SHLS, Brasília, Brazil
Thomas Deckker: Magalhães Project
Magalhães Project
QI26, Brasília, Brazil
Thomas Deckker: Thompson House
Thompson House Project
Cambridge, England
Thomas Deckker: Camara Municipal Competition Entry 1989
3 Competition Entries for Brazil
Thomas Deckker Architect: 'Brasília' Table
'Brasília' Table
Thomas Deckker: Soares Apartment Renovation
Soares Apartment Renovation
Brasília, Brazil
Thomas Deckker: Moore House
Moore House
Gerrards Cross, England
Thomas Deckker Architect: Tower House Inhabitations

Thomas Deckker Architect: Tower House Inhabitations
Design Sketch

Tower House Inhabitations
It seemed to me that ruined tower houses could be made inhabitable with small interventions. Of course they would need roofs, repairs to the stonework and new floors - in the frequent wars it was found the quickest way to render a house uninhabitable was to remove the roof, so replacing a roof would start to reverse the decay. These actions would not make them appropriate for contemporary life without running the risk of destroying their desirable spatial and material qualities.

These objects are intended to reconcile new uses and desires with the historic structure.
Thomas Deckker Architect: Small Tower House

Thomas Deckker Architect: Plans of Craig Castle, Aberdeenshire
redrawn from Canmore DP 231142

Thomas Deckker Architect: Tower House Inhabitations

Thomas Deckker Architect: Tower House Inhabitations
Design Sketch

Thomas Deckker Architect: Elcho Tower House Study
Elcho Castle
photograph © Thomas Deckker 2012
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