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Postcard, Brasilia, date unknown c. 1960s
BBC: The Inquiry
BBC World Service 2019

Itapoã, DF Brazil photograph © Joana França 2011
Brasília: Life Beyond Utopia
Brazil Institute, Kings College London 2016

Brasilia, DF Brazil photograph © Joana França 2011
Brasília: Life Beyond Utopia
Architectural Design [April 2016]

McAslan Gallery: Emerging Architects
Two exhibitions for the McAslan Gallery
McAslan Gallery 2016

Edzell Castle, Angus
Edzell Castle: Architectural Treatises in Late 16th Century Scotland
Garden History Society 2014

Architecture and the Humanities
Architectural Research Quarterly 2014

Rio: Canal do Mangue Postcard
Urban Planning in Rio 1870-1930: the Construction of Modernity
Brazil Institute, Kings College London 2014

London Tower Block
Review of Remaking London: Design and Regeneration in Urban Culture
Architectural Research Quarterly 2013

Oscar Niemeyer: House in Canoas, Rio de Janeiro
Life's a Beach: Oscar Niemeyer, Landscape and Women
The Rest is Noise Festival
South Bank, London 6 October 2013

Brasilia Tres Poderes
BBC: Last Word
BBC Radio 4 7 & 9 December 2012

Brasilia Tres Poderes
Brasilia: Fictions and Illusions
Brazil Institute, Kings College London 2012

Nolli Plan of Rome
Connected Communities Symposium
University of Dundee 2011

Arup: White Building, St John's College Oxford
Architecture + ESI: an architect's perspective
FESI [The UK Forum for Engineering Structural Integrity] 2011

Booth Poverty Map of London
Review of Mapping London
Architectural Research Quarterly 2010

RIAS: landworkers exhibition
Dundee Contemporary Arts
14-28 May 2009

Antonio Carlos Elias: Epulis Fissuratum
The Studio of Antonio Carlos Elias
Epulis Fissuratum [Brasília 2006]

Thomas Deckker: superquadra penthouse project
Superquadra Penthouse Project
Penthouse Living
[Wiley 2005]

Arquivo Brasilia
Arquivo Brasília
Sala Martins Penna
Teatro Nacional Cláudio Santoro
19-20 April 2005

Revisiting Brazil: View of Exhibition
Revisiting Brazil
RIBA Gallery 2
9-30 October 2003

Houston Car Park
Urban Entropies: A Tale of Three Cities
Architectural Design [September 2003]

Guedes Apartment, São Paulo
New Architecture in Brazil - Photographs by Michael Frantzis
Brazilian Embassy, London
5-6 March 2003

Joaquim Gudes: Kerti House, São Paulo
Natural Spirit (Places to Live 007)
Wallpaper* [January/February 2003]

Wallpaper*: Architects Directory
Architects Directory
Wallpaper* [July/August 2002]

RIBA Journal: Foreign Legion
Foreign Legion
RIBA Journal [March 2002]

Le Corbusier: Heidi Weber Pavilion, Zurich photograph © Thomas Deckker 1996
Architects and Technology
The Encyclopaedia of Architectural Technology [London: Wiley 2002]

Mission Concepcion (1755) San Antonio, Texas
Mexican-American Architecture
Mexican-American Encyclopaedia [2002]

W3 Brasilia 1960s Archive Photograph
Canberra / Brasília
Canberra Contemporary Art Space [Canberra: CASC 2001]

Oscar Niemeyer: Congresso Naçional Brasília
In the Realm of the Senses
Architectural Design [July 2001]

Thomas Deckker: Magalhães House
Thomas Deckker: Two Projects in Brasília
Architectural Design [Oct 2000]

Degree Unit G: Mexico 1997-98
First International Seminar on the Teaching of the Built Environment [SIEPAC]
University of São Paulo, Brazil
13-15 Sept 2000

Thomas Deckker: The Modern City Revisited
The Modern City Revisited
[London: Routledge 2000]

Thomas Deckker (editor): Issues in Architecture Art & Design
Issues in Architecture Art & Design
vol. 6 no. 1 [University of East London 2000]

Luigi Snozzi: Monte Carasso, Bellinzona photograph © Thomas Deckker 1982
The re-invention of the site
Relating Landscape to Architecture
[London: Routledge 1999]

The Modern City Revisted Conference
The Modern City Revisited
University of East London
27/28 Mar 1999

Luigi Snozzi: Kalman House, Locarno photograph © Thomas Deckker 1982
Monte Carasso: The re-invention of the site
Issues in Architecture Art & Design vol. 5 no. 2 [University of East London 1998]

Donald Judd: Chinati Foundation, Texas
Specific Objects / Specific Sites
Rethinking the Architecture / Landscape Relationship, University of East London,
26-28 Mar 1996

Herzog & deMeuron: Hebelstrasse Apartments, Basle
Herzog & deMeuron
Issues in Architecture Art & Design vol. 3 no. 2 [University of East London 1994]

Joaquim Gudes: Kerti House, São Paulo
Joaquim Guedes: Kerti House, São Paulo
photograph © Michael Frantzis 2003

Joaquim Guedes: The Kerti House, São Paulo (1971)

Wallpaper* [January/February 2003]

The concept was derived from research undertaken by Thomas Deckker during the First International Seminar on the Teaching of the Built Environment [SIEPAC] at the University of São Paulo in 2000.

Photographs by Michael Frantzis

Architecture in São Paulo never adhered to the 'Brazilian Style', the Brazilian appropriation of European Modernism of Lucio Costa and Oscar Niemeyer in Rio de Janeiro. Instead, the city's main practitioners - Lina Bo Bardi and João Vilanova Artigas -were more in tune with the radical, post-international work of the European New Brutalists. Joaquim Guedes is from a younger generation, brought up on the later work of Le Corbusier and Alvar Aalto and the design theories of Team X. Born in 1932, his first work was the Cunha Lima House (1958), which gave him immediate recognition and numerous commissions in São Paulo, as well as the chance to masterplan several small towns in the interior of Brazil. Despite becoming Professor of Design at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism at the University of São Paulo in 1988, Guedes continues to practice and to design beautiful and provocative houses.

The Kerti House is part of a family of free-form buildings with which Guedes experimented during the 1970s. The living room, with its swirls and caves of space and forests of structure, contrasts with the regular rectangular forms of the private areas - bedrooms and service rooms - which line the back of the site. The boundary between inside and out is deliberately blurred by the informal wandering of the glass wall and the slightly different line of the stalactite brise-soleils. The exuberant vegetation seems to form a yet further line outside. But the overall impression is more than wilful. The forms are rooted in the existentialist philosophy of Team X and disciplined by Le Corbusier's 'Modulor' proportion system; but, above all, motivated by a great sensitivity to light, form and movement.

The house is on the edge of the 'Jardins', originally laid out as a modest Garden Suburb by Parker & Unwin in the 1920s but now the prime residential district of the centre of São Paulo. Built as a large family house in 1971 for Beatriz Kerti, it is now the residence of Marta Suplicy, the Mayor of São Paulo. She kept the main spaces of the house intact but softened them with Brazilian antiques and native objects. In contrast to the typical neighbouring North American villas, the house gives her a discrete and concealed oasis in the heart of the city.
Thomas Deckker
London 2003